Does exposure to the virus change what we think about people and organizations?

Those who had contact with someone who might have the virus have worse perceptions of the medical sector, their neighbors, and the media than the wider population.

Respondents who had contact with someone that might have had the virus, broadly, think that many organizations have responded to the crisis just as well as the population as a whole. However, they are less likely to think that their neighbors, the media and the medical sector have done a good job in responding to the Corona crisis. Why might this be the case? Do they think their neighbors did not do all they can to mitigate the spread of the disease? Or that the medical sector failed to treat their loved ones well? Do they think the media have failed to truthfully report on the situation? In your opinion, who has dealt well with the crisis? Which people or organizations, on the other hand, have room for improvement? Take the survey and let us know.