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How are you coping with the coronavirus pandemic?


The Challenge

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented crisis facing the world. People around the world are adapting their daily lives and fear lock-ins, shortages of food and other essential goods, as well as severe illness and death. At the same time, some people do not appear at all to be worried about getting infected and disregard official advice and policies.

What implications will this coronavirus pandemic have on the daily lives of people around the world? How will it affect the mental health, consumption and eating habits, social cohesion as well as expectations towards politics and public administration? And how will these factors develop over time as new information about the virus emerges and new measures are implemented by states?

Politics, medicine and academia do not have answers to these new questions. However, scientifically-valid answers to these questions are of critical importance for dealing with the pandemic for maintaining health, nutrition and social peace around the world. Only those measures that are accepted by citizens will be followed.

Life with Corona captures the voices and moods of affected citizens around the world, collecting data to provide answers to these questions. Life with Corona is a charitable open access citizen science project based on rigorous academic methods. The data will be made available for academic non-profit analyses.

Life With Corona

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Life with Corona includes various modules that allow a comprehensive insight into daily life during the pandemic.

Featured Insights

Is COVID-19 turning us into gardeners?

Given the well-documented shortages in supermarkets and other stores, this week we will look at whether people are interested in using their outside space (should they be lucky enough to have it) to grow their own foodstuffs.

Those who trust others cope better with the crisis

Trust in others is an important aspect of how people feel and interact with others, especially during crises.

Do women and men experience the coronavirus crisis differently?

This week, we wanted to understand if women and men globally were experiencing the coronavirus crisis in the same way, and to see which parts of it they might be experiencing differently.

Survey highlights week 27

• While trust in other people has dramatically declined in Spain, it has gone up in some countries including Portugal and the UK
• Trust in government on a decline everywhere – most of all in the USA