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Life With Corona

A global research project to collect real-time data on the social and economic impacts of COVID-19

The challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis currently facing the world.

What implications will the pandemic have on the daily lives of people around the globe? How will the lockdowns, layoffs and food shortages affect people’s mental health, relationships, work, income, and expectations of their government? How will these factors develop over time as new information about the virus emerges, exposure increases, and new measures are enforced by states?

Scientifically valid answers to these questions are of critical importance when dealing with the ongoing pandemic, for maintaining health, nutrition, and social peace around the world.

Life with Corona is a not-for-profit research project based on rigorous academic methods. It was created by researchers to capture the voices and moods of affected citizens around the world during this extraordinary time. The aim of the project is to track the impact of the pandemic, to build a global knowledge base on how people are dealing with this exceptional situation. The project will provide data to support sustainable socio-economic responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Latest news and survey insights

How we experience the pandemic is shaped by who we live with

A range of variables will influence how we experience the social, economic and emotional shock of the pandemic. This week, we set out to look at how one set of these variables might be governing our perceptions, behaviours and beliefs: who we live with.

How has the pandemic affected our mental health?

One of the main aspects that has been affected by the pandemic is people’s mental health. Mental health is sensitive to stressful events and to the social and economic impacts that these events can bring.

Infection rates and people’s behaviour in Germany

For our latest analysis, we combined the Round 1 and Round 2 survey data to compare respondents’ behaviours during the first (end-March-early May 2020) and second (since early December) lockdowns in Germany.