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Almost two-thirds report feeling stressed in the US

In the first four weeks of the survey (23 March – 19 April 2020), almost two-thirds of the respondents in the UK (65%) and US (63%) reported that they were stressed. By comparison, less than half of respondents in Germany (43%) and Argentina (49%) admitted to feeling stressed during the same period.

Whilst the stress levels have remained fairly constant in the USA over the last two months (1% change between the first 4 and last 4 weeks of the survey), they have gone significantly down in the UK (14% change). However, in Argentina the stress levels have increased substantially (up by 12%) a little in Germany (up by 6%).

More than one in three feel stressed when leaving their house One in three respondents (36%) say they feel strongly or somewhat anxious about the thought of leaving their houses. However, the good news is that for almost a half of the respondents (46%) leaving their house if not a source of much or any stress at all

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