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Under 25s are willing to give up third of their income to stop coronavirus

Those under 25 are willing to forego almost a third (33%) of their salaries in order to stop the spread of the disease; those over sixty are willing to forego only one fifth (21%). Interestingly, however, we find pronounced increases in all age groups’ willingness to forego income to combat the pandemic.

Perhaps this is due to the salience of the pandemic as it has worsened and affected people’s lives more, or for longer. In turn, people’s evaluation of the costs of the pandemic – personally and generally – have increased, as has their willingness to pay to combat it.

Putting extra effort into keeping in touch with loved ones is on a decline

In four countries (Argentina, Germany, UK and USA) there is a general – but rather slow, downward trend in those who are making an extra effort to stay in touch with friends and family. The effects are most pronounced in Argentina, where there is a 23 percentage point drop from everyone reporting that they were making extra efforts in the first four weeks of the data collection (23 March – 19 April) to only about 3 out of 4 people (77%) saying so in the following 4-week period. While these numbers are still high, the drop off is more pronounced than anywhere else.

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